What will my visit include when I come to Dandelion Medical Aesthetics?

A consultation is first on the list.  During your complimentary consultation your goals for treatment are evaluated.  All possible treatment options are discussed and decided upon between you and your provider.  A consent form will be signed and will outline the treatment plan and finally the treatment is performed.

Why do I need to sign a consent form?

The treatments and procedures performed at Dandelion Medical Aesthetics are medical procedures and the consent form allows for you to not only give your permission for the treatment but to know what to expect in your treatment as well as making note that you do not have any reasons the treatment or procedure should not be performed. 

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A nurse practitioner is a medical provider that is able to evaluate, diagnose and treat medical conditions much like a physician.  They can order lab tests, write prescriptions and evaluate detailed information to make medical treatment decisions for patients.  In general, a nurse practitioner will have worked as a nurse for many years and acquires additional education, certifications and experience in order to practice as a nurse practitioner.  Many years of research have found that nurse practitioners offer an equivalent level of care or better than physicians.  Nurse practitioners can specialize in different areas of health care through experience and on-going education.  According to the annual Gallop Poll, nurses have been named “The Most Trusted Profession” in the United States for the last 15 years.

Why do I need to prepare my skin before a peel?

The peels offered by Dandelion Medical Aesthetics are medical grade peels and utilize highly concentrated ingredients to achieve the best results possible.  The Jan Marini Skin Research Skin Care Management system is designed to prepare the skin through proper cleansing, exfoliation, treatment and hydration to allow the peels to work at an optimal level and deliver the results you’re looking for.  Without the properly preparing the skin for 2-4 weeks before the desired peel, you are likely to have poor results.  Dandelion Medical Aesthetics offers packages to allow for the appropriate products to be used prior to your peel at the most affordable price available.

Why Jan Marini Skin Research?

Dandelion Medical Aesthetics evaluated many skin care treatment programs before ultimately deciding to include the Jan Marini Skin Research product line because we found it is able to offer clinically proven results through research and science.  While some skin treatment lines are manufactured by companies that include multiple products, Jan Marini Skin Research focus is solely on topical skin care and treatment.

What is down time?

Down time is the expected period of time that it maybe to socially uncomfortable for you engage in activities like work, shopping or social events due to the healing process of the skin.  The expected down time for specific treatments or procedures varies and will be discussed at your consultation.  

Can you bill my insurance?

Insurance companies do not pay for elective cosmetic treatments.  In the case of treatment for a medical condition, an itemized bill will be provided to you for submission to your insurance company.  Dandelion Medical Aesthetics will not bill your insurance company directly.  Often times you may find our fees for diagnosis and treatment of medical problems to be comparable or better than your insurance’s defined co-pay for specialist treatment.

Welcome Groupon and Living Social Patients!

Dandelion Medical Aesthetics has been delighted to meet so many wonderful patients encountered through Groupon and Living Social.  We are looking forward to meeting many more and continuing to provide cosmetic treatments and products to our entire patient population.

Frequently asked questions of our Groupon/Living Social patients:

What if I’m not sure which Groupon or Living Social voucher or product to purchase?

Ultimately, you will need a consultation before any treatment or product is decided upon.  If you are unsure which product to purchase for your specific treatment goals, it is recommended you call us to discuss this before making your purchase.  If you have purchased one product but are recommended another product, arrangements can be made to adjust the purchase at the time of your consultation.

Can I complete my required consultation and treatment in a single visit?

Yes!  All treatment appointments begin with a consultation.  During the consultation, your treatment goals are discussed and evaluated and a treatment plan is outlined for you with your input.  Also during the consultation, all of your questions will be answered, you will have before pictures taken and your informed consent and aftercare instructions are discussed and signed.  You are under no obligation to complete the treatment/procedure after the consultation.  All consultations whether followed by the treatment or not are complimentary.

How soon can I be seen after I purchase my Groupon or Living Social voucher?

Dandelion Medical Aesthetics is a privately-owned dermatology and cosmetic practice with two providers.  We pride ourselves on offering each patient an individually tailored consultation and treatment experience.  We make every attempt to accommodate each patient’s needs and schedule on a first come, first served basis.  This, along with the popularity of our Groupon promotion, may result in a longer than desired wait time.  If we are unable to offer your desired appointment date or time, we are happy to place you on our cancelation list in an effort to offer you a sooner appointment.  You may schedule your appointment online but if you would like to be placed on the cancelation list, please call our office at 720-471-7017.

Can I receive or spend Brilliant Distinctions points?

Brilliant Distinctions is the rewards program offered by Allergan, the makers of Botox Cosmetic, the Juvéderm collection of dermal fillers and Kybella.  Dandelion Medical Aesthetics will gladly issue you Brilliant Distinctions points for your Botox, dermal filler or Kybella treatment.  If you do not already have an established Brilliant Distinctions account, Dandelion Medical Aesthetics will establish one for you.  Brilliant Distinctions coupons cannot be combined with Groupon or Living Social Vouchers.  Learn more about Brilliant Distinctions here.

How many Groupon and/or Living vouchers may I purchase?

Per the fine print on each Groupon and Living Social Voucher, you may purchase one voucher for yourself and up to one additional as a gift.  Groupon and Living Social vouchers are for NEW patients only.  This is a non-negotiable policy. Established patients are often rewarded with seasonal and/or monthly promotional pricing for ongoing affordability of cosmetic procedures and, in some cases, are offered better than the Groupon/Living Social pricing.  Patients presenting with a Groupon or Living Social voucher are treated by Dandelion Medical Aesthetic’s registered nurse, Allison Miller.

The four categories of Groupon/Living Social vouchers currently available for Dandelion Medical Aesthetics are:

  1. Botox:
    1. 20 units
    2. 40 Units
  2. Dermal Fillers:
    1. 1 syringe Voluma
    2. 1 syringe Juvederm
    3. 1 syringe Volbella
  3. Kybella:
    1. 1 vial of Kybella
    2. 2 vials of Kybella
  4. Sculptra:  *Sculptra patients are treated by Dawn Morris, APN
    1. 1 vial of Sculptra
    2. 2 vials of Sculptra

Each individual patient may purchase and redeem ONE voucher ONCE.

If, as an established patient of Dandelion Medical Aesthetics, you should present a voucher for after having already redeemed a voucher for any treatment, you will be asked to pay the current retail/promotional price of that product/service before the treatment will be completed and will need to submit a refund request to Groupon/Living Social.

What if I don’t use all the Botox I bought?

Any extra units of Botox purchased with a Groupon or Living Social will be banked for future use.  Your medical record will be flagged with the number of unused units.  You will not receive a refund for any unused Botox but can use your unused units of Botox at any time.

May I split a syringe of dermal filler with my friend or family member?

No.  If you purchase a syringe of dermal filler, you purchase the entire syringe for yourself.  Dividing a syringe of dermal filler may impair the integrity of the filler itself and causes risk for contamination.

What it I don’t want or need the whole syringe of dermal filler?

If you purchase a syringe of dermal filler, you purchase the entire syringe for yourself.  If you have left over filler, it may, in some cases be held for you for future use.  Filler is only held for 60 days (to limit the risk for product degradation or contamination).  After 60 days it will be discarded and no refunds are given for unused filler.  Every attempt is made to use the entire syringe in a single visit.

What if the treatment/product I purchased is not recommended by Dandelion Medical Aesthetics?

In some cases, a cosmetic treatment may not be recommended by the nurse practitioner at Dandelion Medical Aesthetics.  Example reasons for this are: you have a skin infection, the desired results are not reasonably obtainable with the product purchased or you may not be a candidate for the treatment due to medical concerns.  If after a consultation, it is decided by our nurse practitioner that the treatment cannot be completed, you must contact Groupon or Living Social directly regarding a refund.  All refund requests must go directly through Groupon or Living Social.  Dandelion Medical Aesthetics is glad to help you navigate this process if necessary.

What if I cannot keep my scheduled appointment?

We understand that things can come up and get in the way of scheduled appointments.  You are kindly asked to call, email or text if you cannot make your appointment and we will gladly reschedule your appointment for a more convenient time.  If you fail to call, email or text to reschedule and miss your appointment, your Groupon or Living Social voucher will be redeemed for the full value and you will be charged $50 before your treatment will be completed.

My Groupon or Living Social voucher is expired. Can I still use it?

Groupon and Living Social vouchers expire for the product purchased 120 days after purchase.  This allows you four months to contact Dandelion Medical Aesthetics to schedule your treatment.  If you contact Dandelion Medical Aesthetics to schedule your treatment before it expires, your purchased treatment will be honored, even if the voucher has expired.  However, in some situations, there may be limited appointment availability and therefore it is recommended you schedule your appointment soon after your purchase.  If you fail to call and schedule before your voucher expires, it will be honored only for the price paid and you will pay the difference between the price paid and the current retail price of the product/treatment requested.

What if I want a refund for my Groupon or Living Social voucher?

ALL refund requests must go directly through Groupon or Living Social and you must adhere to Groupon or Living Social’s refund policy regardless of the reason for the refund.  If your treatment was not recommended by our nurse practitioner, we are happy to help you navigate the refund process.

I don’t agree with the Groupon/Living Social Policy described above in the FAQ. May I protest them?

No.  The above Frequently Asked Questions define Dandelion Medical Aesthetic’s Groupon/Living Social policy.  There are no exceptions to this policy and Dandelion Medical Aesthetics reserves the right to change any portion of the policy without notice.  Dandelion Medical Aesthetics is confident you will be pleased with your treatment experience and your cosmetic results.  Every effort is made to ensure you are informed, your questions are answered, and you leave pleased with your decision to choose Dandelion Medical Aesthetics.  If you feel these objectives or your expectations have not been met, we are more than willing to find a way ensure your satisfaction.